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Ministerial Services

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Ministerial Services

Services which involve preaching the Word of God, directing worship and administrating sacraments and ordinances of the Church is ministerial in nature; therefore, pastors, evangelists, chaplains and other men and women of God clearly qualify and meet the standard of serving in the ministerial capacity. In addition, those who are involved in the top administrative posts of the church - related institutions - teaching the Bible, religion, or ministerial training courses, serving in a religious ministry to persons and groups, including personal and family counseling or serving with religious matters, should be considered as rendering service in a ministerial capacity.

Pastor Onye Onyemaechi administers ministerial service to all the people of God from diverse religious backgrounds, ethnicities and genders. His services are inspired and directed through the power of Our Lord, Holy Mother and the Holy Spirit to uplift the human spirit in a celebration of life.