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Letters of Thanks and Experiences

“Our Dearest Onye,
My husband and I drove several hours, at the last minute, to meet with you, and you have forever set our life's path on a better and higher course. Where do I start? Your website is called center for healing and miracles and that's exactly what we got.

Our story in brief: My husband struggled with his sobriety but I always knew there was something more dogging him. A week before we met Onye, my husband had tried to kill himself, because he was so tired of disappointing himself and me. He was spotted in the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere with piping leading from his running exhaust; the firemen found him unconscious and the doctors who treated him determined he was a dual diagnosis alcoholic, he was bipolar. Miracle number 1.

We had never met Onye when he gently welcomed us into his house that Saturday evening. He told us a bit about himself and started to work. He is at once irreverent, intense, compassionate and stern. In three hours we all shed tears and laughed as my husband moved closer to his own personal covenant with God, defining what his role in this life was. Onye impressed upon my husband the importance of spiritual authority, that it was not enough to be fair but to be fierce in one's spiritual path because he would be tested and his fate remained in his hands. There were moments of insight that were truly humbling when the pieces of the puzzle fell into place. We were all moved.

My husband is the strongest I have ever seen him. Onye left him with his prescription of several psalms, and their resonance continues to unfold and blossom in him. My husband is grateful he underwent his struggle because it brought him back to his mission to help others from a place of experience and undeniable spiritual authority. While my husband had always believed in God, he told me today he believed in Jesus. We are blessed to know Onye, his faith and commitment to helping and his strength are undeniable.

My husband is grateful that in one night he reconnected with me and God. And I am too. Miracle number 2.”

Yours, M and C


Dear Onye,

I did not forget to thank God for the miracle!

Here is my testimony:

"I consulted Onye because of cancer in the ovaries. I only had one healing session with Onye, but it was more intensive than everything else I had experienced so far: In the moment he took my hands and looked into my eyes I had a feeling of absolute trust, harmony and love. As we prayed to God, Onye taught me to pray in a very simple way, directly from the heart to the spirit.
After that he always kept the contact via e-mail. Because I did not choose to do a chemotherapy, Onye gave me a lot of useful informations about alternative and natural ways to cure the cancer.
I am very impressed, that he is concerning of me so much; and also that he gave me beside his healing ceremony all this "down to earth" infos.
I just had been at the doctor for a new check and the doctor could not see any cancer anymore!!!
I am so thankful for this miracle, thankful to the holy spirit and also to Onye, who helped me so much.

V F, Munich, Germany


I never forgot the blessings you bestowed on my mom & my family in Boston about 22 yrs. ago at Beth Israel Hospital when she (Ruth) had major heart trouble. You assured us that she would make it through the surgery, and all is good. You refused my offer of money for your transportation expenses. I kept your card, and at times I looked for you. Well, now I've found you to say thank you! Mom lived another 10 years, and at the end of her earthbound journey, I took care of her in my NY home and then at the nursing home. I now live in Ann Arbor, Mich. where spirituality & metaphysical seekers are plentiful. I would love to connect with you. It looks like your life's path is joyous and rewarding! Bless YOU, my friend.
–Bonnie Gabowitz