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Healing the suffering of Life, Revealing the miracles of God
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Spiritual Counseling & Ceremonies

Jesus was clearly capable of grief. He felt the full range of human emotions, including grief, fear, desperation, and regret. Allow yourself to cry out to the Living God ‐ reconciling, accepting, confronting and expressing your feelings are crucial steps in grieving. The Lamentations and Psalms of the scriptures can help you confront your loss, pain and anguish, and bring it before God, who responds with compassion and love. (Matt. 26:37, Luke 22: 24 ‐44).

Job, Jesus, and other figures in the Bible, such as Hannah (1 Samuel 1‐2) and Holy Mother Mary, show us how God feels our sorrow, and how our grief can lead us into a stronger and deeper relationship with the Lord. Jesus said, "Blessed are the those who mourn, for they will be comforted" ( Matt. 5‐ 4).

In our modern world, grief is an integral aspect of life, including the pain and anguish that accompanies a solemn loss. Everyone grieves differently depending on the person and the situation: children, youth and adults. Sometimes the death of a loved one, or even our pets, leaves us with regrets, disappointments, as well as sadness. Yet in the midst of mixed emotions, there is also soothing consolation and sense of calmness with God.
Grieving is a way of closure and saying good bye. By celebrating the mystery of grief, dying and death, we can accept and surrender unconditionally to the Will of God. The goal is to remember to celebrate the past fun‐filled memories of our loved ones, through rituals and ceremonies, which help us to heal.