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Healing the suffering of Life, Revealing the miracles of God
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Holy Mother Mary is the mother of Our Lord Jesus Christ and is revered in every diverse culture in the world, especially amongst her devotees and newly found Christian followers. She is an agent of Love with miraculous cures for the manifestation of God’s glory. She is the epiphany for humanity and the world.
Since almost five centuries ago, sacred and devoted ceremonies and rituals (prayers and healing), festivities and her holy images have gained popularity. Many, many very special masses are celebrated in her honor throughout the world on December 12. In many countries around the world, people make pilgrimages to pay homage to the Holy Mother and mark respectful milestones of their spiritual journey.
During these pilgrimages and in daily lives, people have experienced Holy Mother in very special ways. I have had many visitations of Holy Mother manifestations in my life. Whenever I have the privilege and opportunity to visit the Einsiendeln monastery in Switzerland, I always make a pilgrimage to see Holy Mother. Oh, what a miracle! Every day at 4pm the monks royally, with humility, sing the Ave Maria towards her altar. The monks would gather around her statue. Thousands of bystanders witness this exuberant feast of songs in her honor. Holy Mother receives her children with such Divine tender loving care. You have to be there to have your very own experience! Wow, praise God! Praise Him with your might and strength. Praise Him daily.