Center for Healing and Miracles
Healing the suffering of Life, Revealing the miracles of God

Benefits of Prayers,
Healing and Miracles

When prayers are answered we know we are blessed and when miracles occur our whole being is uplifted. Therefore, we are committed to pray and love one another, affirming that God’s Will be done in all aspects of daily living. The benefits of this life include:

A deeper understanding and connection to God and the Divinity of Nature
A greater awareness of the Living God
Celebration of praise and thanks-giving

Practicing surrender, compassion and kindness
Incorporating spiritual practices daily and exemplifying goodwill
Growing in faith, stewardship and fellowship

Harnessing God’s wisdom, knowledge and truth
Receiving spiritual gifts and sharing with others
Enhancing, motivating and strengthening our ability to receive the Holy Spirit
To celebrate Christ’s teachings, healing and miracles
To find joy, peace and harmony at homes and workplaces

Personal power to conquer our adversaries
Experience of miracles of every day living
Celebration of our health, wealth and successes
Helping us to accept our emotions
Helping us working through losing someone close
Helps to deal with Special grief of suicide
Help us deal with regular grief
Help us endure when a son or daughter even couples divorces
Gives us time to journey through loneliness, separations and solitude
Dealing with anger management

Assist us when we think our prayers go unanswered
Strength and help to renew your life with God again
Time to heal, transform and transcend
Using healing to dissolve all physical, emotional and psychological traumas and challenges

We come to know Jesus Christ as a Guiding Light of the universe and humanity. A saving Grace and Comforter to All!