Center for Healing and Miracles
Healing the suffering of Life, Revealing the miracles of God
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Our Mission

Center for Healing and Miracles is an international, non-denominational ministry offering spiritual nourishment to all children of God to experience the wisdom teachings and healings of the Lord.

The miracle of redemption and the light of God are embraced as the liberating force which heals wounds. The Holy Spirit and the life affirming grace of God touch each person through the offerings and vitality of music, drumming and dance, prophecy, prayer and sacred sacrament.

The Center is committed to assisting everyone, of any or no religious background, to celebrate and find harmony, peace, healing, compassion and their divine purpose.

Onye Onyemaechi, Man of God
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A daily invitation for God's Grace to reveal Itself and to pour His love into our hearts and minds for our complete mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual healing!

To reunite individuals who have lost faith in God - especially the individuals who are seeking spiritual truth and personal breakthroughs for a new beginning and spiritual renewal.

We are a tribal community of Christ, devoted to sharing His teachings and healing ministry through the anointing powers of the Holy Spirit.  We offer prayer and fellowship, praise and worship; including music, drumming and dancing, with emphasis on the values and wisdom of the Holy Scriptures. 
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We believe:

The Apostle's Creed
I believe in God, the father Almighty, Creator of heaven and earth; and in Jesus Christ, His only Son, Our Lord, Who was conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary, suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified; died, and buried. He descended into hell; the third day He rose again from the dead; He ascended into Heaven and seated at the right hand of God, the Father Almighty; from thence He shall come to judge the living and the dead. I believe in the Holy Spirit, the Christ Church, the communion of saints, the forgiveness of sins, the resurrection of the body, and the life everlasting. Amen.

● That the Sabbath, the seventh day, is the day of rest blessed by God. Gen. 2:3; Ex. 20:10; Mk.2;27,28: Heb. 4:4,9.

● In the observance of the commandments of God and Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit. Ex.20:101-17; Mt. 5:17-19; Gal. 2:21

● In Divine healing by means of prayer and anointing. Mt.10:8; Mk. 6:13; Ja.5:14,15.

● In the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, JI. 2:27,28; Acts 1:5,8; 38.

● In prophecy and Divine revelation by means of dreams or visions and manifestations of the Holy Spirit. Nu. 12:6; Job 33:14: Jo. 2:28; Mt.2:12.

● In the Bible as eternal truth and the Holy Word of God, Jn.5: 39; 20: 31; 1Pe. 1:25.

● In the holy communion, or the Lord's supper, to commemorate his death, not His resurrection. Jn 6:48 -58; 1 Co. 11:23 -32.

● That we are saved by grace: by faith. Acts 15:11; Ep. 2:5,8; Ro. 4:16.

● That fasting and prayer are factors that strengthen the believer. Mt. 9:15; 17:21; Est. 4:16.

The Animal Kingdom/Divinity of Nature
Also, we believe in the Creation and Divinity of Nature that sustains all life; especially God's blessings to animals/birds and other creatures for their sacred services to humanity. For this act of mutual understanding between creatures and humans, we are richly grateful.
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Onye Onyemaechi is internationally known for his healing and teaching. Onye guides individuals and helps groups establish a strong foundation in their relationship with God. He began his ministry of music, prayer and healing at an early age and has travelled extensively to various faith-based and spiritual organizations. He trusts that people can draw nearer to Divinity and experience the miracles of the Holy Spirit. Onye Onyemaechi is an African Christian mystic, spiritual healer, and visionary with profound relationships with the Lord and Holy Mother Mary. He was born and raised into a family that embraces the teachings and healing of our Lord Jesus Christ, and continues the African Christian practices. Onye Onyemaechi, a man of God, welcomes and respects all religious and spiritual family of God communities to fellowship and worship together.

Onye is a rare human being and a truly gifted man of God, with a profound capacity for seeing into ordinary reality. He discovers what is needed to bring healing, growth, and transformation to various circumstances. He advises businesses, religious leaders, medical professionals and individuals on a wide range of situations. Combining practical wisdom, along with his enormous capacity to channel Divine love, his energy expands time and space, altering and enhancing what once was, creating a new energetic framework for dynamic intentions and results. Does one need to believe in "the divine" or be mystically inclined to benefit from Onye's excellent ministerial services? Not necessarily!

Onye is the founder of the Center for Healing and Miracles, whose ministry offers spiritual readiness, prophetic insights and divine healing. This ministry helps individuals find purpose and meaning to their life and the realization of God. Onye has ministered at religious institutions and conferences including Catholic, Episcopalian, interfaith, Lutheran, Presbyterian and Unity churches. His ministry reaches people of all diverse spiritual beliefs and faith.

“Mr. Onyemaechi brings healing to many patients.” J. A., OD

“My experience with Onye was miraculous.” DM, teacher

“My experience with Onye was filled with wonder.” TS, consultant

“Our Dearest Onye,
My husband and I drove several hours, at the last minute, to meet with you, and you have forever set our life's path on a better and higher course. Where do I start? Your website is called center for healing and miracles and that's exactly what we got. There were moments of insight that were truly humbling when the pieces of the puzzle fell into place. We were all moved. We are blessed to know Onye, his faith and commitment to helping and his strength are undeniable.”
Yours, M and C

“Onye gave me healing, guidance, and spiritual grounding.” CS

Onye’s heart and healing talents/energy are amazing. Dr. DK

"I consulted Onye because of cancer in the ovaries. I only had one healing session with Onye, but it was more intensive than everything else I had experienced so far: In the moment he took my hands and looked into my eyes I had a feeling of absolute trust, harmony and love. As we prayed to God, Onye taught me to pray in a very simple way, directly from the heart to the spirit. I just had been at the doctor for a new check and the doctor could not see any cancer anymore!!!
I am so thankful for this miracle, thankful to the holy spirit and also to Onye, who helped me so much.
V F, Munich, Germany

“I never forgot the blessings you bestowed on my mom & my family in Boston about 22 yrs. ago at Beth Israel Hospital when she (Ruth) had major heart trouble. You assured us that she would make it through the surgery, and all is good. Mom lived another 10 years.”
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